Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

Title Massive Open Online Course: The European experience in the application of information technology in education.

Implemented: December 2019

Course will deliver the European experience of using e-learning in the educational process in Russia and the need for its development in the context of the new e- Educational space.

After successful completion of the course, everyone was issued an electronic Certificate of completion.

Module number and topic Themes
Module 1. E-learning in Europe– Development of e-learning in Europe.
– Organization of virtual institutes.
– Distance Education in Europe.
Module 2. Features of use of
massive open online course
in Europe
– Experience of the use of massive open
online course in Europe.
– New trends in the development of
massive open online course.
Module 3. Use of free software
in education in Europe
– The role of free software in education.
– The European experience with free
– Introduction and use of free software
in education.
Module 4. Review of the popular
LMS systems (Learning Management
Systems) in Europe
– Digital learning monitoring tools.
– Platform for placing educational
material in Europe.
– Online interaction between the
participants of the educational process.
Module 5. Implementation of the
European e-learning experience in the Russian education
– Continuing education in Europe.
– eLearning formats.
– Implementing self-learning needs.
– Formation of intercultural communicative competence.