The use of the European experience of personalization in e-learning (Teacher training course)

Title Teacher training course: The use of the European experience of personalization in e-learning in the development of systems based on the courses (Learning Management Systems, LMS)
Implemented: March 2020

The course will introduce the European approach to the implementation of personalization in e-learning. He will give a theoretical and practical framework for understanding the stages of development of e-learning courses on the basis of systems (Learning Management Systems, LMS). This will form ready for implementation in the educational process of innovative teaching methods that are based on personalization script with the accumulated European experience

Module number and topic Themes
Module 1. Interface and
principles work in LMS
– Management and navigation of course,
the use of units.
– Electronic interaction with other users in the
organization system.
Module 2: Setting up
e-learning courses in
the LMS
– Setting and editing courses.
– Course Elements and monitoring of their
implementation system.
– Backup and restore of the course.
– Preparation of content and import.
Module 3. Development
of e-learning courses in
the LMS
– Preparation of content and import.
– Create and configure the active elements of
the course.
– Creation and execution of the course.
Formation of the principles of transition
between topics.
– Creating a glossary and training boot file to
the system.
– Create and test management. Conduct final
– Test results and setup category estimates.
Module 4: Working with
Lists course participants
– Creation of groups and streams.
– Restricting access to a group or flow rate to
the elements.
Module 5. Portal Administration
based on LMS
– Customizing the appearance of the LMS.
– Bulk upload of users in the system.
– Recording and exclusion of the course users.