Project Description

Project: 600446-EPP-1-2018-1-RU-EPPJMO-PROJECT

Digital Economy and eEducation: The European Experience

The digitalization of business and EU society gives Russia an opportunity to use a variety of advanced European digital technologyies. It pressuposes the prevalence of e-business models and e-processes as well as the creation of intellectual products and e-services. It is necessary to use fully these advanced technologies and e-business models, offered by different countries.

The refore, it stands for the high need to share experience in economic and education digitalization. The outcomes obtained during the project will promote the use of the EU experience in the field of Digital Economy and e-Education in the regional and national economic systems.

Planned on-line and off-line activities will promote the development of the methodological basis and research skills of the academic staff and e-skills of policymakers and businesspersons.

Distant support through MOOC, virtual classroom and website will provide participants with teaching materials and will increase the potential of the project for foreign partakers and learners. The project involves Russian business, policymakers, teaching staff and European experts: Prof. Julio R. Robledo (Bochum, Germany), Vadim Strielkovsky (Prague, Czech Republic), Prof. Giuseppe Ciccarone (Roma University La Sapienza), Dr Hassan Obeid (Baalbeck Campus), Prof. Fabrizio D’Ascenzo (Roma University La Sapienza), Prof. Italo Trevisan (Trento, Italy), Prof. Vitor Gonçalves (Universidade de Lisboa)The project is supported by NCFU administration.