Digital Economy Lesson

Event Name: First All-Russian Lesson in the Digital Economy – Implementation: October 30, 2018

The participants of the First All-Russian lesson in digital economy were more than 100 students of SKFU, the speakers were teachers of the Department of Business Informatics of the Institute of Economics and Management. Young people were told about the digital economy program adopted in Russia, about the nuances of its implementation, including personnel training, and about blockchain technology.

Students were told about the transformations that await the Russian economy in the coming years, what technologies it will rely on, and how these changes may affect the lives of Russians, including current students. These issues are highlighted and worked out in the program “Digital Economy of the Russian Federation”.

The transition to the digital economy will create a more efficient and flexible model of the economy in the country. The speakers noted that the transition to the digital economy provides for the creation of highly qualified personnel, now the demand for young employees who confidently use digital technologies above the average user level is already high at enterprises.